With a vision driven by effective utilization of technology, the necessary foundation of anything we do is a computer-literate community, both teachers and students. Global Outreach began with this program, and we spent 10 years building a base before we ventured forward with more advanced programs.

Over the years we have created computer labs, furnished them, powered them, and maintained them. We have developed a syllabus directed toward Tanzania students and familiar formats for teacher usage and created a teaching pedagogy designed to ensure practical knowledge versus the typical theoretical approach of other course materials. We have trained teachers in computer concepts, teaching methodologies, internet skills for course development and student field trips to our Internet Library, and computer lab management.

In 2011 we formalized our Iringa office as a Tanzania-based NGO, Global Outreach Tanzania, and today we have grown from a single in-country worker to a staff of 10 locals, including Executive Director Maryline Mamuya. Every one of our employees began their relationship as an unpaid intern or volunteer, something virtually unheard-of in Tanzania.