In 2020, Global Outreach Tanzania reached a stage in size and scope of its programs, that the Board decided to relocate its administrative offices from a converted classroom at Kichangani to a separate campus. While the existing digital libraries remain operational at Kichangani, a new digital library, called Windows to Knowledge (W2K) and available to all Iringa region children is now part of the new campus. Student enthusiasm for learning opportunity and the wealth of digital materials being developed around the world continues to drive demand for this facility, and we expect continuing growth.

The one downside to the W2K center is that it is inaccessible to remote schools and even unmanageable for many town students. Government officials and Heads of School implored us to make this learning capability available at the schools, giving students greatly improved opportunity. In 2019 we pilot tested an in-school version of W2K at a local and remote secondary school. The results were beyond expectation, with students virtually addicted to this new learning methodology, and scores in the year-end national examination dramatically improved.