A Milestone for Global Outreach Tanzania

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When we established Global Outreach Tanzania (GOT) as a separate Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), one of the major considerations was to allow the Iringa office to operate as a local organization, availing itself of the advantages for Tanzanian NGO’s. One of those advantages was the opportunity to pursue government grants available to improve education. That objective has now been realized. 

We have just received a 125 million Tshilling ($50,000+) grant to create computer literacy programs, replete with a full complement of computer technology, including our Windows to Knowledge software, in seven Iringa-region secondary schools new to our programs. It is part of a major government project to improve education in the country. 

This represents two significant firsts. We have never secured Tanzanian government funding, normally available only through foreign sponsored projects overseen by large international NGO’s and Tanzanian government agencies. Secondly, this is the first time that GOT has been the driver of funding procurement. Maryline and her team identified the opportunity, wrote the proposal, attended the work sessions, and closed the deal.

This is a huge win for all of us. If we are to continue to grow and impact education in Tanzania, it is mandatory that GOT develop some level of self-sustainability. This is a significant first step in that direction. Congratulations and Hongera (a little Swahili) to Maryline and her team !