WAHI means “be on time” in Swahili. But at Global Outreach Tanzania, it means “We Are the Hope of Iringa.”This project involves primary and secondary school students who are living in Iringa, Tanzania.

We accomplish this through after school activities focused on:A Reading Habit,Computer Learning,Creativity,Creative Writing,Problem Solving,Public Speaking and Visual Learning.

We created student-centered programs using tech devices as learning tools. These programs empower our students with knowledge about health, life skills, art, science, and civil life to help them become stronger and more confident in controlling their own lives.

Reading is the key to academic performance, as well as to lifelong learning beyond the classroom. One of our most important goals is to promote reading as a habit here in Tanzania. We want our students to love reading! We want them to read just for fun even when they are not at school.We have Kindle e-readers available for student use, and are working to add more reading opportunity.